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Parent-Teacher with Ms. Wilton is BACK ON!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone,

I will be here for P-T meetings on the 6th of April.  Disregard the email I sent earlier this week.  I was supposed to be in Ottawa but plans have been cancelled.   I am super happy to be available.

However, if your child is above an 85%, you do not need to book. If you would like to chat, email me to arrange a time. If you child is below a 75%, I encourage a visit or a phone call.


All the best,

Ms. W


Math Test-Signatures, please!!!!!

Operations with decimals!!!!!! Get your parents/guardians signatures.


Dividing Decimals

On Tues, we will begin our section on  dividing decimals.   I am going to reviewing whole numbers dividing first and hopefully, moving onto decimal numbers. There will be division homework this week.  It is our hope to have a final assessment on Friday for this outcome.



by Dr. Radut